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A New Era


In Indonesia, the development of telecommunications infrastructure paves the way for the dissemination of information properly without the limitations of distance and time.

In addition, good telecommunications and information activities can help advance the country’s economy, facilitate activities, and support the creation of development goals. Therefore, our business activities focus on providing the best and most reliable telecommunications infrastructure.


PT Ultra Mandiri Telekomunikasi

PT. Ultra Mandiri Telekomunikasi (UMT) has been incorporated as a subsidiary of PT. PP Infrastruktur focusing on providing telecommunication infrastructure (fiber optic).

With the spirit of hard work, smart, professional, discipline and with high integrity, PT. UMT is committed to provide the best products and services for the satisfaction of its customers. Therefore, the best results and company growth can then be envisaged.


What we do

As a company that has a focus on telecommunications infrastructure, we have a vision to become a trusted provider of telecommunications infrastructure.

In order to achieve this vision, we focus on two business lines.

Our Business Lines

Product &


We focus on providing fiber optic network infrastructure with dedicated communication services and private bandwidth from one location to another (point to point).

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